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Commercial Refrigeration to Keep Your Food and Drinks Chilled

When the warmer days hit us, all we want is a chilled drink to cool us down. Plus, the heat is no friend to food when it comes to food preparation. Food items such as vegetables and pastries need to remain cool so that its freshness can be retained. Commercial refrigeration is very important during [...]

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Seasonal Catering Equipment and Optimal Time to Purchase

During certain times of the year you will use certain products less due to the season. For example, ice machines are used less during the winter months while heating equipment is used more due to the colder weather. Such seasonal equipment is usually in big demand during the relevant season because people's preferences change throughout [...]

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Catering Equipment: Cost Saving Tips

For caterers and restaurants, catering equipment and the food industry in general can be costly. Everything costs money from the staff and the catering equipment to the food items and appliances. It is essential that, as a caterer or restaurateur, that you know how to work with your finances so that your business can prosper. [...]

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When Should You Buy Catering Equipment?

Catering equipment is a big investment for any restaurant or food establishment so you will need to think carefully about what you require as well as when to purchase it. The first and obvious time to buy catering equipment would be when you start a restaurant or catering company. When you first start a catering [...]

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