Catering Equipment Sales: Types of Sales

//Catering Equipment Sales: Types of Sales

Catering Equipment Sales: Types of Sales

Throughout the year there are many sales that take place, some occur on a daily basis, others occur weekly, monthly, seasonally or on special occasions. If you are a bargain hunter then you are always keeping an eye out for the sales, especially if you are a restaurant owner who wants to keep costs low. Here are the types of sales that take place throughout the year.

  • New Year. At the beginning of the year many companies try to make room for new stock in their warehouses or stores, so they run a promotion on the previous year’s stock. You can get good bargains on the decent stock.
  • Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day specials are more popular for restaurants who want to attract customers to the restaurant.
  • Easter Specials. Easter is a popular occasion for promotions and many companies will participate in this season in order to generate sales. You may find catering equipment that you need at these types of sales.
  • May Day. The 1st of May is also a day that suppliers may run specials on their products. It usually lasts for one day, but it could run for the full week. It could just be that the words May and Day rhyme so it’s quite catchy as a promotional tagline.
  • Winter Sale. At the beginning of winter, suppliers want to get rid of the summer stock. For catering equipment suppliers this include products such as commercial refrigerators which could go on sale at this stage. You could strike a bargain at the winter sales.
  • Spring Promotions. At the beginning of spring everything is fresh and new so people are looking for promotions. During these spring promotions, catering equipment suppliers usually want to get rid of the winter products such as warmers and heating equipment. These may be used more during the winter months but they could still serve you well during the summer months.
  • Black Friday. This is the biggest sale of the year where almost all stores participate in this big promotional day.
  • Summer Promotions. This would be similar to the spring promotions and you could get products at better prices. This would be a good time to check for the catering equipment sales.
  • Christmas Specials. There are a lot of Christmas specials that take place. Many companies want to make as many sales as possible before Christmas so that they can give their staff bonuses. You could find a lot of products that you are looking for at this time of year.
  • Year End Specials. Some companies, that are open at this time of year, will promote themselves by running year end specials to start with getting rid of the old stock.
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