Catering Equipment: Time to Turn Up the Heat

//Catering Equipment: Time to Turn Up the Heat

Catering Equipment: Time to Turn Up the Heat

When seasons change people’s needs change. When autumn arrives and winter dawns the needs change to that of wanting to be warm. We all want warm clothes and blankets in warm homes. When we go out we want heat, hot coffee and warm food. It is during these season changes when we find more products on special.

You will notice that many stores are making room for their winter stock. If you have been to a clothing store recently, you would have noticed that the last of their summer clothes are all on sale. If you’re lucky, you could get up to 50% off a particular item. The same goes for other industries where seasonal products are sold. The restaurant industry also experiences such seasonal demands. This is the time when customers want warm food and drinks. Therefore, catering equipment that is associated with cooling and refrigeration may go on sale. Such equipment could include beverage coolers, ice shavers, milkshake makers, or blenders.

On the other hand, some catering equipment suppliers could have much winter stock so they may start off the winter season with a sale on winter products to get the ball rolling. The idea is to move as much new winter stock as quickly as possible to avoid a large stockholding at the end of the season. Plus, this also gives restaurants a good head start with being able to keep up with customers’ winter demands. It is good to start off the winter season with newly procured catering equipment that is in perfect working condition.

Consequently, for the rest of the season, you don’t have to worry about malfunctioning heating equipment. During these pre-winter catering equipment sales you could find heating products such as bain maries, urns, or ovens, amongst others.

A catering equipment supplier may also be overstocked on their general range of catering equipment so they may have a sale on a variety of products. For example, they may have special offers on fryers, convection ovens, grillers, biltong equipment, or butchery equipment. At this time of the year you could get great bargains if you keep your eyes open.

As a restaurant owner it is a good idea to keep a list of catering equipment that you are interested in procuring. Then when a sale comes along you are prepared and know exactly what to get. Of course, if you have an existing piece of catering equipment that is already giving problems you will need to source a replacement as soon as possible.

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