Catering Equipment for Events: Jugs, Urns and More

//Catering Equipment for Events: Jugs, Urns and More

Catering Equipment for Events: Jugs, Urns and More

For events such as parties, corporate functions or weddings there is always a need for catering equipment. These needs extend from crockery and cutlery to buffetware. In this article we will look at the type of catering equipment that is useful at events in terms of the serving of liquids such as water, coffee, and soup, amongst others.

  • Coffee Pots. These are suitable for smaller events because these units have a capacity of 500 ml to 900 ml. For corporate functions such as meetings or training sessions, this would be ideal. It is also suitable for tea parties.
  • Hot Water Jugs. Similar to the coffee pots, they are smaller jugs that are suitable for hot water. It is good to have a hot water jug at a party alongside the coffee pots for those guests who prefer tea or to make their own coffee.
  • Coffee Urns. These are larger units with a capacity of 6 litres. It keeps the contents warm and has a dispensing tap for easy pouring. This is great for any type of function that caters for many people.
  • Milk Jugs. Anytime you’re serving coffee and tea, it is essential to serve milk therefore milk jugs are ideal for this purpose. Perhaps have a jug of hot milk and a jug of cold milk to cater for both preferences.
  • Tea Pots. With this option you can prepare tea beforehand and place it on the table ready to drink. They, too, are smaller with a capacity from 600 ml to 900 ml, thus it is a great option for tea parties and smaller functions.
  • Soup Tureens. Keep up to 10 litres of soup warm in a soup tureen. This is ideal for buffets that offer a winter menu. It is also a great way for guests to enjoy warm soup at a wedding or corporate function.
  • Servers. Servers are basically beverage jugs that are suitable for any warm drinks. The stainless steel structure contains the heat for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Punch Bowls. Serving punch at parties is very popular. A large punch bowl filled with a sweet and delicious punch is always enjoyed by guests.
  • Juice Dispensers. Juice Dispensers are a great way for guests to help themselves to a refreshing cool juice at any time during the party. This type of catering equipment usually has a dispensing tap for easy pouring and it has a large capacity of about 7 litres.
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