A Solar Powered Beverage Cooler To Save Electricity

//A Solar Powered Beverage Cooler To Save Electricity

A Solar Powered Beverage Cooler To Save Electricity

With the uncertainty of electricity these days it may be time to consider other means of energy production. Solar power is a good source of environmentally friendly energy and it is sustainable too. So it’s not surprising that a lot of people are looking at alternative energy sources to ensure that their restaurant and bar continue to thrive during electricity outages.

With there being so much pressure on the electricity grid there’s not sufficient energy to go around so it would be good thing if everyone could do their part by saving energy or using alternative means of energy. For bars it is good to know that there are other catering equipment options to keep drinks chilled that don’t require them to be plugged into the electricity grid. One of these options is a solar powered beverage cooler by Husky called the Frigorex Solar 200.

The Frigorex Solar 200 is a beverage cooler that comes with solar panels that produce zero emissions and is a natural source of power. Solar energy is renewable and sustainable, and it doesn’t rely on the electricity grid so it can operate independently even during electricity outages. The advantage of solar power compared to that of generators is that it is silent. It doesn’t make any noise while generators are very loud. It sounds a lot like a motor cycle engine which is a very distracting sound. In addition, the great thing about solar energy is that the sun is everywhere so you’ll always have an operating beverage cooler.

The initial cost of solar panels and the corresponding equipment can seem like a costly amount but thereafter solar energy doesn’t cost anything. Imagine not having to pay for electricity every month and we all know how expensive electricity can be especially for bars and restaurants. This catering equipment will power itself with the sun as the source so it is suitable for any establishment that wants to save energy.

You may think that a solar powered beverage cooler may not be comparative to that of a conventional electric beverage cooler, but think again. The Frigorex Solar 200 has a twin integrated solar panel with an integral solar charge controller and an integral sealed deep cycle battery; so it offers a high efficiency DC cooling system. Furthermore, to keep the cool air inside it has a grey safety shield glass with a low emissivity coating.

The Frigorex Solar 200 is a highly efficient solar powered catering equipment that will benefit any bar or restaurant that chills drinks and wants to save energy. While this can be a costly machine you could try to find a model at a catering equipment sale where you could save even more. You just need to keep your eyes peeled and check when refrigeration sales come along, which is usually around the end of summer. You could strike a bargain otherwise you could aim to get such a unit by saving up. Either way you will enjoy the long term benefits of a solar powered beverage cooler.

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